The future of my Sailfish tutorials

Design based tutorials: A custom made PageHeader is a good example of this one. Little tweaks and workarounds how to get the best solution which is both efficient annd small sized.

Integrating QML and C++: This has actually a lot of stuff in it. Custom made components are the main target (Audio recorder and Sensors are good examples) but also actually everything related to C++ and QML when you’re using them together.

Only QML: This might be the smallest area of the tutorials but it certainly won’t be the less important thing to remember. Basically I’ll use not so common QML components and how to communicate between QML files easily. Some design features may come as well, but main focus is the less common QML components and interaction between two or more components.


My personal applications (technically speaking everything except those which are ordered from me) will be open source projects sooner or later. Like I’ve mentioned the main focus will be releasing and updating the updates on Harbour but I also try to give the support for Sailfish developers through open source possibilities. So this poll is all about the tutorials.

How to determine tutorials? In my opinion tutorials aren’t the full functional applications.

For example, Audio recorder will be a multi-level open source project. Not a tutorial. The design tip for custom header is a tutorial.

Why would I write tutorials when there are already (too!) many of them out there somewhere? My concentration will be on Sailfish applications of course. if I get requests to create a custom QML component using C++, my tutorial won’t be simply a text based component. I’d think of a component which is missing from Sailfish Silica or not (currently) working as I’d suppose it to work.

For example, shapes. Are you able to draw complicated shapes using only QML (iif developing for Sailfish)? No. Can you get them from C++? Yes. So I’d create a tutorial how to get a custom made QML component which is fully modified from QML itself, but it’s written using C++ only.

Will my tutorials be any better or helpful than the others? It’s not up to me, it’s up to you. I’m a perfectionist – in a one way or another. That’s why I try to explain every little detail in the best way I possibly can. Sometimes I might use a shortcut if I’ve explained something already and I’m using it again, but in that case I’ll try to remember to point out the part (or an article) where I’ve explained this.

So… I do write tutorials about everything, but with this poll I’m able to concentrate on certain things which you find most important. if you answer “Other”, please comment below to give more detailed description of it if necessery.


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